David Mathews


Photography by: Alan Poulin Photography
http://www.alanpoulinphoto.com for Santana

“Man,do I love my QSC K12s, K10s, and K8s! I've been using a pair of them with a small stereo mixer at a variety of different venues to amplify various keyboard rigs,and they all sound great! They're Compact, clean, punchy and LOUD..... With crisp high end,and tight low end. They're pretty light weight considering that they're all 1000 watts each!

Sometimes I'll bring an 8" and a 10" and pair them up. I'll put the K8 up close to me and spread the K10 out to the side and back a little for some xtra punch. A little judicious panning, and I've got a nice stereo rig that can compete with those loud guitar amps.

A lot of keyboard players are raving about these speakers; That's how I first eard about them. Nice job, all of you down at QSC. Thanks for making a GREAT product!!”

-David Mathews