K for Keyboards


Among all instruments on stage, none have the variety of tone, texture and overall frequency range of electronic keyboards. The modern keyboardist has a virtually unlimited number of sounds at their disposal, each with its own subtleties and nuances. Some instrument sounds (a quality grand piano sample or model, for instance) offer a wide range of expressive control. Others, (like a synthesizer bass) are meant to be played in a narrow range of frequencies and overall level. In a controlled recording environment, optimizing each sound for maximum performance is easy. The output of each performance is perfectly captured for modification and mixing later.

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Most dedicated keyboard amplifiers are little more than guitar amps with a simple mixer section and a piezo tweeter tacked on. They are incapable of achieving the bandwidth or undistorted output required to accurately reproduce the keyboard’s sound at performance volume. The IDEAL keyboard amplification system should accurately reproduce the keyboard rig’s full-range sound just like a great pair of studio monitors, and have the acoustic output of a sound reinforcement speaker.

And that is exactly what the K Family is all about. The K Family of loudspeakers offer studio-quality reinforcement for your keyboard rig, and with 1000 watts of pure Class D power, they are able to play at volumes that can drive the rhythm and support all the other musicians on stage. They also offer an incredibly flexible range of configurations so that whether you play in mono or stereo, amp on the floor or on a pole, with a P.A. or without, you, the band, and the audience will all enjoy every nuance of your hard-earned performance.

At QSC, our favorite keyboard speaker is the K10. It’s compact, powerful and at home in either a floor monitor or forward-facing position. Its built in two-input mixer provides all the input capacity many keyboardists require and a balanced line output does duty as a direct out to the PA mixing console. One K10 is great but for a real treat, try playing with a stereo pair. Many keyboard voices and rotating speaker simulations are designed for stereo audio systems and really come to life in stereo.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Full-range, undistorted reproduction at loud volumes (i.e. big studio monitors for stage).
  • Flatter off-axis response is achieved using DMT Technology  - this results in more intelligible sound for the band on the stage, and wider stereo imaging when using a stereo pair.
  • Floor Wedge or pole-mount options (10” & 12” models).
  • Two channel mixer onboard (including a Mic Input) allows for instrument amp and stage monitor use simultaneously.
  • Through-connections and a mixed output are provided for easy connection to mixing console inputs. Control the volume of your stage “mix” using an Expression Foot Pedal*.