K for Electric Guitars

K_for_Electric_Guitar.pngTraditionally, the guitar amplifier was really an extension of the electric guitar. The amplifier was as much a part of a guitarist’s sound as was the selection of guitar, strings and pick-ups. Over the years, guitar amplifier designs have been offered in countless variations, each offering the guitarist a different sonic signature with which to create the perfect tone. Pedals and other effects further enhance, color and distort the tone to create an even wider range of options.

In recent years the use of amplifier modeling technology has become increasingly popular. Between the various modeling guitars, modeling amps and preamps, pods, i-devices and even computers, the modern guitarist has more control over the desired sound than at any time before. Once the perfect sound has been dialed-in it can be stored and recalled as needed.

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But many guitarists using modeling processors are finding that a guitar amplifier is not entirely satisfactory. That’s because the guitar amplifier adds its own colorations and characteristics to the modeled replication of an amplifier. It’s as if a recording of the amplifier being modeled was being played back through another guitar amp. Let’s face it, guitar amplifiers are great at being guitar amplifiers. But they aren’t designed to accurately reproduce an audio input. They’re designed to bring their own unique colorations and characteristics to the sound. What’s needed to take full advantage of a modeling processor is a loudspeaker system designed for accurate audio reproduction.

A high quality studio monitor would be the perfect solution – except for the fact that in all but the most intimate environments, the sound would not be loud enough and wouldn’t project far enough. The modern guitarist needs stage amplification that not only offers true and accurate sound reproduction, but also has enough total output level to make a convincing musical statement when called on.

Every day, more and more guitarists are finding that the K Family of loudspeakers offers studio-quality fidelity, AND with 1000 watts of pure Class D power per cabinet, they are more than capable of playing at volumes that not only keep up with the other instruments on stage, but also easily punch through on leads and solos.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Full-range, undistorted reproduction at loud volumes (i.e. big studio monitors for stage).
  • Flatter off-axis response is achieved using DMT Technology  - this results in more intelligible sound when moving around stage, and wider stereo imaging when using a stereo pair .
  • Floor Wedge or Pole-mount options on the 10” & 12” models.
  • Two channel mixer onboard (including a Mic Input) allows for simultaneous instrument amp and stage monitor use.
  •  Through-connections and a mixed output are provided for easy connection to mixing console inputs.
  • Control the volume of your stage “mix” using an Expression Foot Pedal*