K for Electric Drums

K_for_Electric_Drum.pngThe adoption of digital drums by mainstream drummers has reached an all time high, especially as the tactile response and sound quality of electronic drum kits becomes ever more realistic.  The ability to instantly change the sound of the kit, perform at any desired volume and not worry about microphones, stands and feedback are compelling. A growing community of previously acoustic-only drum artists is adding even more credibility to this emerging product category by either supplementing their acoustic kits with electronics, or transitioning completely to an electronic-kit.

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Properly reproducing the sound of an electronic drum kit is a demanding task. The system has to have the dynamic headroom to accommodate incredible transients, frequency response to accurately render the high-frequencies of a cymbal and the power to produce a satisfying kick drum. The K family is up for the challenge and will cover drummer, band members and audience with studio-quality drums.

The K Family subwoofers will be especially interesting to drummers looking for the full impact of a concert drum mix. Choose the small foot-print of the K-Sub or the low-frequency extension of the KW181. Both offer dual inputs and throughputs for use with a pair of your favorite K Family top boxes.

The K Family of loudspeakers offers studio-quality reinforcement for your electronic drums, and with 1000 watts of pure Class D power per cabinet, they are more than capable of playing at volumes that can not only drive the rhythm of the music with authority, but also maintain a consistency of tone all across the listening area and throughout the full frequency spectrum.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Full-range, accurate reproduction at performance volume.
  • Flatter off-axis response is achieved using DMT Technology  - this results in more intelligible sound for the other players on the stage, and wider stereo imaging when using a stereo pair.
  • Floor wedge or pole-mount options on the 10” & 12” models.
  • Subwoofer options include a dual 12” and single 18” subwoofer models with dual inputs and through puts allowing the use of a single sub with stereo tops.
  • Two channel mixer onboard (including a Mic Input) allows for instrument amp and stage monitor use simultaneously.
  • Through-connections and a mixed output are provided for easy connection to mixing console inputs. Control the volume of your stage “mix” using an Expression Foot Pedal*.