K for Acoustic Drums

K_for_Acoustic_Drum.pngThe modern acoustic drummer is not only meticulous about the tone of their wooden shells and the precision tuning of the heads before each performance, but many have now become critical of the microphone selection and general sound reinforcement of their prized kit.  An emerging group of acoustic drummers have taken it upon themselves to purchase their own microphones & mixer, and build their own sub-mix of their drum-kit.  This technique proves very useful for those in smaller “around-town” venues where the in-house P.A. or house engineer are untested, or there is simply no P.A. system at all. 

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Because this modern drummer is creating their own drum “mix” on stage, they rely heavily on accurate stage amplification that allows them to hear every minor adjustment or tweak they make to the mix.The IDEAL acoustic drum amplification system should therefore accurately reproduce the drum kit’s full-range sound just like a great pair of studio monitors does. Unfortunately studio monitors make poor stage amplifiers.  For all but the most intimate of venues, the sound would not be loud enough and because they are designed for near-field listening, wouldn’t project far enough. The K Family of loudspeakers offer studio-quality reinforcement for your acoustic drums, and with 1000 watts of pure Class D power, they are able to play at volumes that can drive the rhythm and support all the other musicians on stage.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Full-range, accurate reproduction at performance volume.
  • Flatter off-axis response is achieved using DMT Technology  - this results in more intelligible sound for the other players on the stage, and wider stereo imaging when using a stereo pair.
  • Floor wedge or pole-mount options on the 10” & 12” models. Dual 12” and single 18” subwoofer models available for extra LF in large or loud room settings.
  • Two channel mixer onboard (including a Mic Input) allows for instrument amp and stage monitor use simultaneously.
  • Through-connections and a mixed output are provided for easy connection to mixing console inputs. Control the volume of your stage “mix” using an Expression Foot Pedal*.