David Mathews


Photography by: Alan Poulin Photography
http://www.alanpoulinphoto.com for Santana

“Man,do I love my QSC K12s, K10s, and K8s! I've been using a pair of them with a small stereo mixer at a variety of different venues to amplify various keyboard rigs,and they all sound great! They're Compact, clean, punchy and LOUD..... With crisp high end,and tight low end. They're pretty light weight considering that they're all 1000 watts each!

Sometimes I'll bring an 8" and a 10" and pair them up. I'll put the K8 up close to me and spread the K10 out to the side and back a little for some xtra punch. A little judicious panning, and I've got a nice stereo rig that can compete with those loud guitar amps.

A lot of keyboard players are raving about these speakers; That's how I first eard about them. Nice job, all of you down at QSC. Thanks for making a GREAT product!!”

-David Mathews


QSC: David K Mathews Interview

Can you tell us what QSC products you are using and describe what you like most about them?

I’m using two K10s with my keyboard righ. It’s a 10 inch 2 way cabinet. I love them actually. They’re 1000 watts, 500watts for the woofer, and 500 watts for the tweeter. They’re just great speakers, they’re light, clean, powerful and durable. I’m very happy with them. I plan on using them for quite some time.

What sets your K Series apart?

Well, that’s a good question. Like I said, for keyboard payers, these days as far as sound reinforcement gear for your rig, you want them to be durable, have excellent high fidelity sound and to be powerful and clean. And these QSC speakers fulfill all those requirements.

Please talk about your roll within the Santana organization, and the aspect of your role.

Well, let’s see. I’m the new guy; I’ve been in the band just over a year. My job is to try to recreate a lot of the atmosphere of the famous songs that everyone knows, you know, that are associated with Carlos, and to bring some creativity, you know musicality into the newer things. And with that band, it’s a band that covers a gamut of different styles of music. Carlos loves, obviously rock and blues, but he also love s reggae, and jazz; Wayne Shorter, John Coltrane and Miles Davis. And he also of course loves Afro-Cuban and Brazilian music. So, it’s good to have somebody that can cover all the different bases and that’s what I try to do.

What was your first gig?

My first gig was at an ice cream parlor playing for tips and ice cream and stuff when I was a kid. But my first real paid gig was when I started playing in top 40 bands and club bands when I was about 16. My first national gig was when I was 23 I joined Tower of Power, and from then it’s been sort of a steady climb up the ladder.

How did you start playing with Etta James?

Well, I played with Etta for 20 years actually. The way I ended up playing with Etta at first is I subbed for a good friend of mine names Jimmy Pew, who is an organist with The Robert Cray Band, he’d played with Etta quite a bit in the late 70s, and he called me one time to sub for him. I ended up subbing for him for a club engagement for a week, and then she remembered me a couple years later when she needed somebody and called me and I ended up working with her for 20 years until she retired.

What’s your favorite part of playing with Santana?

Well, you know it’s just a great band; it’s a great bunch of guys. I really enjoy the music. I grew up in the Bay Area, so I grew up on Santana’s music. I like the variety in the music because there are all of those different influences that I mentioned before, you know and it’s great being able to hang out with guys like Dennis Chambers, and go out and meet people like John McLaughlin or Chick Corea; you never know who’s going to show up. Like Wayne Shorter or Herbie Hancock might show up. It’s very inspiring, and it’s a lot of fun.

In closing, do you have any additional comments about your QSC speakers?

I think they are the best keyboard speakers out there. They were recommended to me by a good friend of mine named David Goldblatt, who’s a really great keyboard player, and he said, ‘this is the stuff’. I went and tried it, and I thought, man, these are great. They have everything; they have all the requirements that I personally need as a keyboard player. They’re clear, they’re loud, they’re lightweight, they’re durable, and you know, reasonably priced as well. So I’m very happy with them.