Dweezil Zappa



Photgraphy by: Роберт Доунз (Robert Downs)


"I have a complex guitar rig that I designed to reproduce the full range of frequencies you would be able to hear from studio monitors in a controlled environment. The challenge is, how can I present and re-enforce this detailed sound for the audience from the stage? For me the solution is the QSC KW Series. They reproduce everything I want the audience to hear with depth and clarity and I still have plenty of headroom."

"Making music can be a complex task. Adjusting colors and textures and moving pieces of the puzzle until it feels just right is part of the creative process. Making a connection and an impact on the audience is another integral part of the process. I spend a lot of time on the details and I want to hear those details live on stage. The QSC KW Series gives me what I need."

-Dweezil Zappa