Jon Herington



“I love the K10s! Great sound with a simple, flexible, easy to figure out design; so many different applications; and headroom for days! What’s not to love?!”

– Jon Herington


QSC: What have you been up to lately, and what’s coming up on your calendar?

Jon: This month I'm on the road with Madeleine Peyroux. We've been all over Europe and the UK with a new trio format.

Jon: Just before we left New York for this trip, I was able to finish the basic tracking on my next solo record. We recorded guitar, bass, drums, and some percussion and some vocals for 12 new songs onto a 16 track 2 inch tape machine - it's a rich, classic sound, and I think it will fit the music very well. The songs, though they range a bit in style, all seem inspired by music I love from the late 60s. I'm looking forward to working on it some more, but that may have to wait until after my Steely Dan summer tour finishes in late September.

QSC: What QSC gear do you use, how do you use it, and why do you like it?

Jon: I use the QSC K10 monitor speakers as my main PA speakers with the Jon Herington Band. Unfortunately, we only get to work when I'm not busy on the road with Steely Dan, the Dukes of September, or Madeleine Peyroux. But it's been my solo project for many years, and I hope to keep it going.

Jon: I like the combination of lightweight portability with a serious feature set: they're self-powered; they have unbelievable headroom; there's essentially an onboard two channel mixer in each of them; and they have extremely flexible connection options as well as flexible set-up options. So it's basically about that combination of things: in short, great design and great sound quality.

QSC: Do you have any stories of where your QSC has particularly helped you or “saved the day?"

Jon: In fact, I do! We were doing a show in my favorite St. John haunt, a bar/restaurant called the Fatty Crab in Cruz Bay. We had the K10s set up as monitors, and a pair of much, much bigger speakers, also individually powered (but NOT QSCs!) set up as our mains. It didn't take us long to realize that the comparatively tiny K10s were seriously out-performing the big speakers we had set up as mains, not only with much more output (and I mean usable output before feedback in a very small, enclosed space), but with so much better tone. We had to break down and basically set up all over again; this time with the QSCs as our mains. That was one of those times when the K10 features really came in handy: when we had them set up as monitors, they were on the floor wedges should be, but when we decided to use them as mains, we found that they also worked perfectly with the speaker stands we had, so we set them up quickly and used them as our mains for the entire three night run. It scares me to think of how awful it would've sounded if we hadn't had the QSCs there; they really did save the day!